About Ramen, Doughnuts, Whiskey, and Kung-Fu 

When I moved to Charlottesville nearly a year ago, one of the first places I found was the small, izakaya-esque ramen shop called Miso Sweet. I was immediately charmed by the Southern American-Japanese fusion restaurant that always had rad tunes, great service, and really amazing videos playing in the background. The first time I went, they were playing old episodes of Dragonball Z and serving Suntory Whiskey. I knew I had found my people.

Unfortunately, some great things weren’t meant to last. Yesterday was the closing party that the owners threw to give their intensely loyal fan base a last taste of perhaps the only doughnut and ramen shop in existence.

That’s not to say that Chef Frank Paris and wife Heather won’t still be serving up delectable treats going forward; Frank has accepted a position as Executive Chef at the beautiful Graduate boutique hotel, and Heather is now working with the folks at Cavalier Produce, still pursuing their collective passion for great food.

The fried brussels sprouts


Chicken rice bowl


Mt. Fuji: a glazed doughnut with fried chicken on top. Chef Frank’s take on a chicken and waffle.


Pork belly sammies


THE DOUGHNUT BAR. You read that right.

While I will selfishly melancholy about the fact that I can’t just run out for amazing ramen, rice bowls, doughnuts, or amazing sides anytime I want them, I am, however, thrilled that these two are moving on to best serve their beautiful family’s needs. Charlottesville will await your return–if it should be in the cards! You WILL be missed!