About Trains and Roasted Chicken 

Small towns like these have the definitive “place” for just about everything, where to go when you want the best bagel, the best place in town to get an oil change, and then there’s the all encompassing family night out. Fortunately, we have that one covered in abundance in Charlottesville.

When I first moved here, I asked a friend of mine for advice on where to eat those first few days in our new town, and the immediate recommendation was Al Carbon chicken with sweet potato and the aji sauce. This began my love story with this amazing restaurant.

I also wanted to know more. I met with the owner of Al Carbon, Cameron.

Recently expanded to include a sizable dining area, the restaurant’s owners have a long term growth strategy in mind.

The Cameron’s aren’t afraid to mix a little pleasure and whimsy with the overall business plan. Using his construction background, Cameron has built  an additional room to the restaurant for lunches and parties, complete with a Shinkansen train that will deliver the mouth-watering chicken right to your seat. This spot is ideal for children’s parties. It’s called Chew-Chew Town and I’m really excited for you all to check this out.

I always look forward to visiting this treasure. Every. Single. Time. And you will too. Be sure to get the loaded fries!