About Gardeners and Herbalists

My friend, Yvette Graham, with the Virginia Tech Extension Office, and I did a short video about how to start a container garden with household items. We purchased scallions from the farmer’s market- but you can get them from anywhere, really- and we’re planing them so that we can have them all season long!

Along those lines, I’ve decided to become a Herbalist Apprentice at The Elderberry. I’ll learn about Indian and Chinese medicine practices and concepts, learn to identify, cultivate, and propagate plants, as well as to be able to use herbs in a clinical setting. I’m happiest about being able to deepen my knowledge of herbs- most of it culinary, admittedly- but I’ve felt for a long time that I’ve wanted to know more about folk and traditional medicine.

My first day, I made beef bone broth for the shop and last week, I made tea bags, and along with great conversations on these topics, it has been such a rewarding experience. I wish I had known more about healing herbs postpartum, especially, but it’s incredible how powerful and effective medicinal plants truly are. The more I find out, the more I want to know.

I’ll be posting photos and related stories on my Instagram account, so be sure to follow!

On the first episode of the Virginia’s Vittles podcast, I spoke with Certified Herbalist and Owner of The Elderberry herbal apothecary and clinic, Jan Wolfe. We spoke about the healing power of herbs, and she really has a way of taking about these topics. If you’re interested in hearing our conversation in total, be sure to catch both discussions.

I also have a two episodes featuring Ms. Yvette also, where we are talking about gardening. She’s a hoot and is so full of knowledge. My friend, Marcello Rollando, calls her “Walking History.” And there isn’t a statement that is truer.

Do you have any questions you want featured on the show? Send me an e-mail, or better yet, send me an audio file with your question!

I look forward to creating more community around these subjects!

Have you tried herbal remedies? What has worked for you?