After a break from blogging, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the holidays! In mentioning he dreaded “H” word for many, I know I have evoked a special kind of foreboding of a sort.

I understand why some people don’t like the holidays, but any humbug that harbored its way into my heart was quickly squashed after children entered the scene. There is something that will always magical during this time of year to see again through young eyes. Also, to be able to give the littles all the goodies that they love is pure joy for me.

During our brief hiatus we also decided to move to a little farm to explore more of the permaculture ideas that we’ve been reading about, and we’re looking forward to the ability to doing some homesteading, growing medicinal herbs (and, be still my heart, they haven’t sprayed with herbicides!). I’m very encouraged by the growing information and interest in these topics here, and with classes from places like Polyface Farms and Sacred Plant Traditions, I’m sure that we will get off to a great start!


We’ve also dedicated to making/growing more of what we use and to simplify our lifestyle, so our first winter at the farm will be spent studying soapmaking, canning, planning the first few years of the garden, buying seeds (and maybe chickens, dare I say it?) and getting the house ready to process all that will come from that space.

Have you ever made a radical lifestyle change? What kind of advice do you have for first-time homesteaders like us? Be sure to reach out and if you can make an audio file of your advice or if you just have a question, be sure to send it to me to be on the Virginia’s Vittles podcast!

There won’t be an episode this week, but I will have a special holiday episode with my friend from the Virginia Tech Extension Office, Yvette Graham, to help us have a wonderful homemade holiday season.