Batch Cook and Meal Prep 2: Curry Sweet Potato Croquettes and Kale Salad

Fried things.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you not to eat the sweet, buttery, creamy, or fried things, because when you’re trying to be more conscious of your footprint and to take charge of your health and overall wellbeing, these are the things that let you know that there is joy and playfulness to still be had with food, even if it isn’t always eaten for optimal health. We have room in our diets for these things because we understand that we are all doing our best. Also, there isn’t any meat in this dish, so clearly we are making good decisions right now.

Let’s just take a moment and say bravo to you. You’re doing your best today. And that’s enough.

Also, this is the second post in my Plant-Based Batch Cooking series!

It’s possible that you are likely halfway into making this dish because you have already prepared the sweet potatoes and have them set aside. Pat yourself on the back. You’re way ahead of the rest of ’em.

All that is really left to do is to prepare the salad, heat the oil, and fry these to your merry contentment.

I will opt for cooking the spices in with the onions, garlic, and ginger. This adds an incredible depth of flavor to the spices-skipping this step would not be advised. It helps to have everything out and ready when you begin as this doesn’t take long to come together. Yay, great news! The sooner you can get to Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, the better, am I right?

I used chickpea flour to 1. add to the authenticity, and 2. use my supply. I’ll also use chickpea flour to make yummy pakoras. I’ll make one for you soon too, but don’t you get tired of me frying things?

Also, I really love the texture of smashing the sweet potato with a fork before adding the sauteed ingredients.

You can really use any kind of breadcrumb, but I prefer croquettes closer to their Japanese counterparts using panko from the Asian food aisle at the supermarket or at any Asian food store. If you make or use any kind of variety of milk bread, then you can just use those breadcrumbs for a similar texture.

The kale salad is just red organic kale, sliced red onions that were marinated in a little red wine vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, and mustard seeds, and grated carrot with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper as a dressing.

These are great as lunch or add some bread, perhaps some cheese, or if you like, some slices of chicken breast to add a little more substance for an evening dinner. This recipe also is enough for roughly 8 servings, making this great as a game-changer lunch addition! All your co-workers will be wondering what you’re doing so right and why your hair looks so nice. (Psst. It’s because you have more time. Also, I’m just guessing about your hair.)

We also like these with Okonomi Sauce or Barbeque Sauce to dip/slather.

How do you love your croquettes?

Curry Sweet Potato Croquettes and Kale Salad

serves 8

Curry Sweet Potato Croquettes: