I recently moved to Central Virginia and I am so excited to explore the local food findings here. What I have discovered is that there is SO much to talk about on the local food scene, it’s hard to find where to begin!

I am a farm-to-table advocate and locavore with a background in the restaurant industry- but before that, my childhood was filled with warm days in the summer vegetable garden and lots of time spent with loved ones around the table. It was where we always had our best-shared memories. I remember the kitchen being a place where I was always felt so loved and now it is the ultimate place where I feel I can have the same impact for my family.

Here you’ll find my recipes, ranging in skill level and in origin. You’ll be able to find most ingredients at your local grocery store or substitute with something more readily available. I also love when my readers experiment with my recipes and tell me about variations that worked for them. It’s my favorite way to share with you!

I will generally cook in-season and with what I can find locally. I am so passionate about supporting our local farmers and community when possible and contributing to the CSA communities around the area. I’ll be sure to share information on the local farms whenever possible, either through the blog or on Instagram, so be sure to subscribe!

Also, I plan to occasionally post about local events and gatherings that will lean toward family-friendly atmospheres.

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to sharing and exploring together!